Graham Pyke

Professor Graham Pyke is the Co-Founder of Sustainability Central and current Distinguished Professor at the UTS School of the Environment.

Graham Pyke graduated with a Bachelor of Science with 1st Class Honours in Mathematical Statistics at Sydney University, before going on to complete his PhD in Mathematical Biology at the University of Chicago.

 Professor Pyke holds the prestigious designation as a ‘highly-cited author’,  putting him in the top 0.5% of Australian ecological/ environmental scientists in terms of citations. He has published over 100 scientific articles, most notably his 1977 publication’Optimal foraging:  A selective review of theory and tests’ which quickly became one of the most highly cited ecological articles at the time.

 A number of Graham’s publications have focussed on other areas of ecological research, including the factors that influence distribution and abundance (the most fundamental ecological parameter) of organisms and plant pollination ecology.

 Professor Pyke was a Principal Research Scientist with the Australian Museum, retiring from this position in 2007, but continues to maintain his research program there as a Research Associate. Along with his current work with Sustainability Central and UTS School of Environment, Graham is an Adjunct Professor at Macquarie University, and is preparing a sequel to his prominent 1977 publication.

 Graham has a particular interest in studying birds, bees, frogs and plants, including several endangered species, and shares these interests with his SC co-founder, Prof Paul Ehrlich.  Together with Paul and The MAHB at Stanford University, Graham passionately advocates for cross disciplinary sustainability (in Health, the Economy, Social and Environmental) while finding and developing the ‘Sustainability Champions’ of the future.

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